We are open for cooperation
in the field of improving the quality of psychotherapy and we value the effort put in by our partners.
IGMALIN Ģimenes centrs (Riga)
Team of experienced specialists in the field of psychological health and pedagogy, who, united under one roof, have been conducting diverse developmental classes for children of different ages and adults for more than 10 years!
Gestalt therapy of child-parent relationships
Fairy tale therapy
Early development of children (prevention and correction)
Consultation, supervision for specialists
Collaboration of humanistic and medical paradigms in treatment
Executive head Eduard Grinin
A new look at rehabilitation
The work of the centre is based on the holistic paradigm, which combines the efforts of specialists from different fields (medical doctors, psychologists and specialists in psychotherapeutic work) in organising complex rehabilitation care on an outpatient condition basis.
Centre for physical and psychological rehabilitation PSYPHY (Riga)
Cancer patients self-help group «PAR DZĪVOT» (Riga)
A non-profit organisation that deals with supporting persons who are undergoing or undergone cancer treatment.
Emotional help and support
Executive head Julia Shkaraput
Providing information about cancer, its treatment and rehabilitation
Rehabilitation through art-therapy (creative workshop sessions on regular basis)
Executive head Elina Svatikova
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