Start of the Gestalt Psychotherapy training program in Kaunas. 1 module-group psychotherapy.

For those who would like to be trained as psychotherapists or retrained, as well as for those who want to try themselves in group psychotherapy with an experienced specialist. Recruitment for the Gestalt psychotherapy program in Kaunas is open! The first year of training (preparatory module) takes place in the form of group psychotherapy (3 days once a month) not only for those who want to learn Gestalt therapy, but also for those who want to do group psychotherapy "for themselves". The maximum number of participants in the group is 12 people. Beginning: September 22-23-24. The program complies with European standards of Gestalt psychotherapy.

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For more information about the reception, please call +370 68723773 (please leave a request for the group at psybaltics.kaunas@gmail.com).