Group psychotherapy in the Gestalt approach in Tallinn.

The Baltic Institute of Psychotherapy invites you to group psychotherapy in the Gestalt approach in Tallinn. 1 year. 10 meetings. One 3-day session per month (Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday).

Many people imagine how individual therapy takes place, but are somewhat wary of the group format of work. And in vain. The experience of group therapy often provides no less, and sometimes more, than individual psychotherapy, since the group creates greater dynamics and allows you to highlight what may remain invisible in individual work. But this is not the only advantage.

Group therapy provides space and the opportunity to understand yourself more deeply in relationships, to be reflected in many mirrors at once - other participants, to see “blind spots” and expand your view of the usual, to receive support, acceptance and a feeling of togetherness that you are not alone - and this is a good feeling )

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